I am Master Artist in Scalp Micropigmentation who specialize in Female and Male hair loss. I have been in SMP Industry for a while and has been trained by different well recognised Scalp Guru /  Trainers in the World.

In 2018 I was nominated to the BESR NEWCOMER Award in Scalp Micropigmentation Industry. I had the pleasure of being hosted in Scalp Guru Meeting of Minds Conference in UK. 

I am also known for offering the best Scalp Micropigmentation treatments in Ireland as per www.teammicro.com

In January 2019 I have been nominated for the BEST INTERNATIONAL TECHNICIAN Award in Scalp Micropigmentation Industry. The winner will be presented at the Team Micro Meeting of Minds 2019 in London. 

Recently I am honoured to be one of the speakers in America's Biggest Scalp Micropigmentation and Training Event of 2019 in Orlando. 

I also take part in Polish Program "Permanentnie Piekna" - Permanently Beautiful. The entire program is aimed at women after chemotherapy to help them regain confidence. I offer FREE Scalp Micropigmentation to all women, who have suffered from cancer and after chemotherapy lost their sign of feminity - their hair.